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Hello this is Lisa!


This web site was born from my passion for the bicycle, a family passion that has been handed down by my grandfather Gino Bartali, and was born from the stories of his legendary challenges that have written history pages, and influenced some pages of my life.

Another passion is writing. The bicycle and the writing go hand in hand.
When I ride my bike I always bring paper and pen with me. And, if I forget my notebook, I write everywhere: on the white page of a book, on a newspaper, on the back of a receipt.

I wrote the first texts on my father’s Olivetti typewriter. He kept it in his office, where I went after the school lessons.
The secret diary closed with a padlock became over time an agenda. Then the computer arrived, and I left definitively my beloved typewriter. When I was studying Art at High School and, later, Fashion Design in Polimoda, the agenda turned into a sketchbook. Instead, at work, I used to write on a huge organizer book.
Maybe more than one!

This blog is born in the tracks of a family story to which a special section is dedicated.
But first of all this is to promote urban cycling, and tell what’s going on around, riding my bike bewteen art, culture, events and stories.



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