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by peis
Biciclettami proposes accessories and clothes for a life style where the bicycle is the protagonist of our daily life and our free time.

The products have a vintage inspiration, but actual in materials and colours. Shapes and details taken from the past are reworked in a modern key, giving birth to a vintage “contemporary” style. Nowadays the bicycle is always present in our life, not only for passion but also for the necessity of urban displacements, Biciclettami offers waterproof and multifunctional products.

Purses and bags can be quickly removed from the bike handlebar or from the luggage rack and become shoulder bags of ordinary use. Biciclettami embraces the philosophy of ecosustainable mobility and Made in Italy production, supporting our local factories. We want to give value to the uniqueness of artisanal products. The key words of this brand are: functionality, elegance, uniqueness.

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