by Lisa Bartali

Arteciclo was born in 2013. An activity in evolution flourished from Francesca Mavilla’s inspiration, whose hands project bicycles: structure, mechanic and details. A way, that of the planning, born from the curiosity for the bicycle mechanics. Every single drawing proceeds in its course until the complete realization of the bicycle. Frame and components included.

The passion for art meets the bicycle,

and gives it a …multicoloured soul! In a unique word, that takes us immediately into an oneiric, magical, experimental world: Arteciclo “I am a sports lover since always, I like motors and I approacched myself to the bicycle mechanics, a reality that I feel close to me in my daily life.” These are Francesca’s words, smiling and full of energy. After months that we ran after eachother we finally met. Her talent in drawing, grown studying at the Art Institute, are united to another great passion, the bicycle.

Francesca doesn’t limit herself to the technical drawing of the bike. She personally buys the bike components to assemble and she follows its realization with the help of various craftsmen: the frame builder, the painter, the chromator. The “Strana Officina” has been the reference point in this artistic path, frame laboratory and bicycle assemblage. The meeting with Dario Pegoretti, one of the major Master frame builder in the world, inspired Arteciclo in a new working phase, that is actually in course, dedicated to the painting interventions directly on the frame.




 Arteciclo is experimentation and continuous evolution.

We never remain the same, each of us evolves, influenced by meetings and episodes that occur during the course of personal and professional growth. I passed from technical design to draw with pencils or marking pens by hand directly on the bicycle .”

Various collaborations started in these years. For the contest of the 150th anniversary of the Brooks England, whose theme was “the copper”, Arteciclo designed and realized a special bicycle. Starting from a Brait frame, in steel with Columbus tubes of the Eighties, Francesca changed some mechanical components, and adding new ones as the fenders and luggage rack, not previewed in the road bike. The lever of Campagnolo shifter, the fenders, the water-bottle-stands and other details have been recoppered with the bath tecnique. The bike had a wide success. It was exposed at the Eroica Gaiole 2016.





Francesca collaborates in the meantime also with the 3T factory personalizing two carbon frames Exploro raw model, destined to the Rolling Dreamers. The graphic intervention is inspired by the life of the two cyclists and their activities.

Another unique bicycle has been realized for Jovanotti.

The bike was given to the Tuscan singer, with a passion for bicycles, for his 50th birthday. In this case a Fondriest frame in aluminium in the Nineties style with a carbon fork was recuperated. Various interventions made this bike unique. The shifter levers were positioned on the horizontal tube. The whole cable implant was external with particular interconnections. Moreover the bicycle was completely painted inspired by Jovanotti’s discogaphy. Each brush stroke, every chromatic trace.. is a song!

  A still active collaboration is the one with Ghisallo wooden rims. They work on wood with a craft technique. Expert hands that mould the shape of the circle from a straight wooden board. Francesca, one time the rims are ready, go to paint on them creating original and unrepeatable bicycle components.
The bicycle has not to be anonymous but personalized, because each one of us is different and can modify it following our own need or style. The bike is not only a means of transport but also a communication means with which we express ourself.
A new creative phase of Artcycle is in act. The passion for art meets the bicycle, this time through recycle. Some months have passed from our last meeting. What was in a studying phase, has now taken concrete form. The works are ready! Francesca, who talks full of enthusiasm and vitality, shows me her last creations. “Now I am conscious of a new Francesca, the one who loves nature, the eco-sustainability and artistic recycle . I recuperate the frames that cannot be restored, that have lost their primary function, saving what is possible and giving life to objects of design of daily use.”


Extraordinary lamps built by recuperated frames,

hand painted in a unique style. Keyholders and penholders of bright colours that open the wide doors of our fantasy. They make us dream. Artceciclo works with all the materials: steel, aluminium, wood, carbon. There are no limits, like there is no limit to creativity.

I like to spread the will to distinguish.

How to prove Francesca wrong who uses her art to personalize the bike. Always more I notice that many are the lovers of the unique and customized item. The passion for the bicycle, for some of us a very and proper adventure and disadventure companion, makes us want to give a soul to this object. Because of this, we care about it and we personalize it.
Sometimes a drawing or an accessory is sufficient to give a more personal style to your bike.
I warmly suggest you to have a quick look at the Photo Gallery!
Arteciclo products (lamps, penholders, and keyholders and other deisign objects) are on sale on Etsy.com
Info: artecicloinfo@gmail.com www.arteciclo.com

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